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wooHOO im done dyeing my hair

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i want to write the kind of short stories you read in english class that are on this weird level of surrealism that they still haunt you years down the road

in year 10 i wrote a story and when i got it back my teacher told me he couldnt sleep properly after reading it

please publish that story

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the best part about line work tattoos is coloring them in with markers

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*grabs skateboard* babe im gonna do this radical trick

to show u that i love u

*breaks leg trying to do radical trick* babe i did this for u


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i told a boy i liked his hair today in class and he laughed a little and could hardly say “thanks” and then buried his head in his hands the second i turned around i think i made him flustered omg

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At this rate, i should probably just go with those cheap, plastic, halloween fangs that little kids wear when they dress as vampires

At this rate, i should probably just go with those cheap, plastic, halloween fangs that little kids wear when they dress as vampires

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If someone tells me they hate one of the songs I like and that my music taste is shitty, I will literally stop listening to that song. Please. Shut up.

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Pop Culture References in Shrek 2 (1/?)

Click the gifs for more information

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ek's 420 giveaway

so i’ve finally hit a pretty big milestone, and i’ve decided to do a giveaway to celebrate! i have a lot of stuff i don’t use anymore and a metric ton of candy that i keep in a jar so i figure it’s better to give them to someone who could put them to better use than i.

one randomly drawn winner will receive the following!

what you could win
  • a custom pixel from me (examples above, also in art tag)
  • assorted kasugai gummies, individually wrapped (apple, grape, lychee, mangosteen, orange, peach, pineapple)
  • kirby squeak squad
  • new super mario bros
  • new super mario bros 2 (3ds)
  • pocky (chocolate, two boxes; 9 packs per box)
  • pocky (strawberry, one box; 9 packs per box)
  • pokemon black
  • pokemon diamond
  • pokemon heartgold
  • pokemon mystery dungeon: blue rescue team
  • pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of time
  • pokemon mystery dungeon case: red rescue team
  • pokemon ranger: shadows of almia
  • pokemon pearl
  • pokemon trozei
  • pokemon x (3ds)
  • giveaway ends on 5/30/2014.
  • must be following me (sorry, shipping costs a lot!)
  • must be comfortable with giving me your address
  • likes count so long as you reblog it.
  • please have your askbox open!
  • please reblog no more than 5 times!
  • all games will be wiped of their save files when sent!
  • i am willing to make pixels of pretty much anything, including ocs.
  • i’ll cover shipping fees, including internationally.
  • the winner will be chosen via a randomizer and announced after the giveaway ends!
  • if you have any questions feel free to ask me, i don’t bite!

forgot to mention allergen information: the gummies include pectin! i’ll include extra packs of pocky if the winner’s allergic.